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My full CV can be found here , and a short form is below.


Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto (expected 2020)
Advisor: Stephen Wright

B.S., Genetics and Genomics, University of California, Davis (2015)
Minor in Statistics


SMBE Registration Award (2017)

EvSex16 Travel Award (2016)

School of Graduate Studies Conference Grant (2016)

Faculty of Arts and Science Top (FAST) Doctoral Fellowship (2015-2019)
Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Entrance Award (2015)
University of Toronto

Outstanding Performance Award (2015)
College of Biological Sciences, University of California, Davis


Kent TV, Wright SI, and the BMAP Consortium (2017) Genome Evolution After Whole Genome Duplication in 32 Brassicales Species. Poster at SMBE, Austin TX

Kent TV and Wright SI (2016) Mutation load in a selfing allotetraploid. Talk at EvSex16, Tempe AZ

Kent TV and Wright SI (2016)
How does mating system affect linked selection in Capsella? Poster at The Allied Genetics Conference, Orlando FL

Durvasula A, Kent TV, Bhadra-Lobo S, Ross-Ibarra J (2014)
ANGSD-wrapper: scripts to streamline and visualize NGS population genetics analysis Poster at BAPG XI meeting, UC Davis


ANGSD-wrapper: scripts for analyzing next generation sequencing data using the program ANGSD.